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Nothing will hold Tim back

SCCC secondary teacher and footballer Tim Clark will represent Australia at the World Transplant Cup in Italy later this year.

"At the age of 14 while playing rugby league for my school I was injured and rushed to hospital.

I was cleared of serious damage, but blood results showed signs of kidney disease Focal segmented glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).

At 23, in my first year teaching in Emerald, my results took a turn for the worse. Having graduated and secured my first teaching role, I was pushing to be the best educator possible but, by the middle of 2005, a transplant was booked in.

In the world of transplants, I am lucky. hearing stories of my teammates, I know I was blessed. My donor was my beautiful, selfless mother, Debbie. On October 25, 2005. The operation was a success.

The transplant, while uncomfortable and painful, brought instant relief and energy. Mum recovered well and to this day lives a full and healthy life. Days later I got engaged. In 2006, Rachael and I married and there followed our three amazing children, Matthew (2009), Abbey (2011) and Mia (2015).

I am a PE teacher at Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough. While I still suffer some effects of FSGS, I refuse to allow symptoms or medication to inhibit me from fulfilling my role as both a teacher and a father. 

Now, I'm honoured to represent my country, family and my mother at the Transplant World Cup in Italy this year.

The Australian team is one of eight in the World Cup. We won't be playing in front of huge crowds, or televised across the globe. We are not superstars or heroes. But our donors are.

Some players received their transplant only eight months ago, others have had multiple transplants. We are united by our gratitude, resilience and hope.



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