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Our Founders

John Baptist de La Salle (1651 - 1719)
Patron Saint of Teachers

John Baptist de La Salle was born into a wealthy French family just after a time of war and at the same time as the country's greatest king, Louis XIV. While there was peace and prosperity for the rich, most of the people were quite poor with little possibility of ever escaping their poverty. Their struggle to survive also meant they had little opportunity to develop a healthy spiritual life.

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Mary of the Cross MacKillop (1842 - 1909)
Australia's first saint

Mary MacKillop was born in Melbourne in 1842 into a poor family of eight children who were often placed with friends and relatives so they could be looked after. When she was 16, Mary left her family to work as a governess and teacher for her cousins in Penola, South Australia, so that she could send money back to support her family.

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Bishop Daniel Delany (1747 - 1814)
Founder of the Brigidine Sisters

Daniel Delany was born in 1747 and trained in Paris (because of the Penal Laws in Ireland), before being ordained as a priest in 1770 while James Cook was mapping our Peninsula shoreline. He was shocked by the lack of education of nearly everyone, especially as he had been an excellent scholar himself, and rather than simply carry out his formal duties as a bishop, he set about organising Sunday school for adults and children.

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Monsignor Bartholomew Frawley (1904 - 2002)
Founder of Catholic education in Redcliffe

Monsignor Frawley (affectionately known as 'The Mons') was born near Toowoomba in 1904 and when he completed secondary school, became a teacher. After three years of teaching he entered seminary training, being ordained as a priest in 1930. He served as a curate and parish priest through the 1930s, becoming a chaplain and serving in the RAAF during WW2. His wartime service had him sheltering during bombing raids on several occasions and must have tested his faith to the limit.

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