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Student Behaviour Support

Beliefs about Behaviour

Our College believes in providing high-quality student support through our Student Behaviour Support Plan, supported by Brisbane Catholic Education’s Student Behaviour Support Policy and Student Behaviour Support: Guidelines, Regulations and Procedures. This Plan helps to foster and cater for all students within our diverse community.

The Southern Cross Catholic College Student Behaviour Support Plan is intended to promote the good order and safety of our school community. This Plan aids to foster self-discipline and responsibility, so that our students progressively grow in their capacity to exercise moral judgement, democratic values and a concern for the common good.

“A safe school is one in which the total school climate allows students, teachers, administrators, staff and visitors to interact in a positive non-threatening manner that reflects the educational mission of the school while fostering positive relationships and personal growth” (Boucher 2005, p. 56).

Positive student behaviour support is considered an integral part of the learning and teaching experience. All students, parents and teachers have rights and responsibilities they must be aware of to ensure the safety of those in our community and allow an environment where learning is maximised. The documents below outline:

  • The Student Behaviour Support Plan
  • Rights and Responsibilities for students, parents and staff
  • Consequences for inappropriate student behaviour
  • The College Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

Southern Cross Catholic College acknowledges the sacredness, dignity and uniqueness of each person. The community is committed to nurturing positive relationships through the promotion of Gospel Values. This commitment will permeate all interactions within College life.





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